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We believe that game technologies can have a positive social impact, and we are dedicated to realizing that potential.


Sage Realities creates interactive experiences that communicate, teach, heal, entertain, and inspire.

We are a collective of serious game professionals leveraging expertise in an interrelated set of disciplines including design, education, technology, futurism, social media, organizational behaviour, psychology, training, and government, directed toward the common good.

Our vision is to create interactive experiences that lead to lasting, positive changes. We know that the power of game realities is in their ability to deeply impress participants with knowledge, understanding, and values. We see games and virtual environments as natural learning situations, so we design experiences that build on the positive opportunity of curiosity.

Using current and emerging toolsets, we create experiences in a range of formats including Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, MobleVR, SocialVR, Mobile Games and Applications. Our first titles are now in production for release throughout 2016.

We work with select partners who share our vision and beliefs in the power of virtual realities to achieve social good, and who want to create something meaningful. While we are not actively seeking clients, we are always open to discussing partnerships. If you think your project is a good fit, please reach out to us:

A note about our logo:

“The vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings or non-happenings: it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience.”                                                                                                                                       ~Buckminster Fuller