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Mobile as Ubiquitous Gaming Platform

Mobile as Ubiquitous Gaming Platform

Mobile as Ubiquitous Gaming Platform

One of the most interesting developments over the last year has been the flowering of mobile games, with some really excellent titles that played more like works of art, than traditional mobile offerings. Not that I want to create a hierarchy between fancy games, and common ones, but there are games that truly embrace the form, and have an appeal beyond simple distraction.

But why shouldn’t mobile game developers aim high? The mobile gaming market is on fire, with projected global revenues at $35 billion, and growth forecast for the foreseeable future. As well, the demographics are ripe for all age groups, with over 30% of all mobile gamers aged 35 and over, and female gamers either rivalling or out gaming their male counterparts.

In many places in the world, the emerging access to a smartphone is the equivalent to access to a computer. I read recently that there are more smartphones made every day than there are babies born.

Without hype, just as the basic situation that smartphones allow, mobile gaming has become a powerhouse, and will continue to grow. With that in mind, there is a sense that the content is also maturing away from birds Angry or Flappy, Jewels, Slots, and so forth.

There continue to exist titles of distinction entering the mobile sphere, and watch for this number to grow, as gamers of all ages become tired of the same old thing. Look for cross-genre games, that hook into the best of the device, leading to augmented realities, and more.

Let me finish with the Zoolander meme: Mobile? So hot!